Dr. White is retiring. He is not looking to supervise new students.

Dr. White leads the Complex Adaptive Systems Group. He is a Full Professor of Computer Science at Carleton University, Ottawa where he lectures on neural networks, biologically-inspired computing, web search and recommender systems. He has a master's degree in physics from Cambridge University, England and a master's degree in computer science along with a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Carleton University, Ottawa. He has been awarded 9 patents, which are mostly related to applications of artificial intelligence. He has published over 120 papers on subjects that include network and system management, multi-agent systems, artificial and swarm intelligence, and autonomic computing. Dr. White's current research areas include neural networks and complex adaptive systems.

Dr. White has over 35 years of diverse software engineering experience in large corporations and start-up environments. He previously served as CTO of Embotics before moving to his current full-time research role at Carleton University. Prior to Embotics, he served as CTO of Symbium, setting the technology vision and serving as Principal Architect. At Texar, as Chief Scientist, he built and managed an R&D group of over 30 engineers. While at Nortel Networks he was the Principal Architect for the Expert Advisor, a multi-agent AI diagnostic system for X.25 networks.


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